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There are various subjects of particular interest to me where I might decide to look up on the webpage and I don't want to figure out how to get back to those webpages.

Favorite Charities:

Some pretty cool stuff


I'm a firm believer that guys should know how to cook, because the women we date aren't going to want to think that we expect them to do all the cooking. :-) Understanding the difference between, for example, All-Clad and Revereware is like knowing the difference between a Ferrari and a Chevrolet. Besides, with all the cool stuff they have at Williams-Sonoma, it's the equivalent of going shopping at a hardware store (yeah, I do that too.)


  • Pontiac (My car)
  • Chevrolet
    I was pretty surprised that I bought a car from Chevrolet, but I was also pleasantly surprised by the value I got.
  • Ford Motor Company
    I still hope to get a hunter green Mustang Cobra convertible with a manual stick one of these day.



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